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If you're in a supervisory position in Singapore, it's important that you are equipped with the skills required to ensure your team is productive and motivated to perform at their highest levels each and every day. Anyone who supervises others, especially those who are new to supervising/managing, will benefit from our 1-day course developed for both new and experienced managers and supervisors.

The PD Training Supervising Others training course provides participants with strong leadership skills, like delegating to others, decision making strategies, effective time management, analytical and problem-solving skills, effective communication skills, how to create an atmosphere which promotes internal motivation to work toward team goals, giving formal feedback and much more.

This Supervising Others training course can be delivered at your premises anywhere in Singapore by one of our expert local or international trainers or attended via our public schedule.

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Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes - Supervision Training Course

    By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Set clear expectations for team members
    • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for team members that motivate & inspire dedication
    • Effectively assign work that has been set according to each employee & situation
    • Master techniques to delegate effectively & confidently
    • Develop approaches to conducting formal feedback sessions
    • Provide informal, constructive feedback
    • Develop priorities & time management strategies as a team leader
    • Establish conflict resolution strategies
    • Work with new or existing teams
    • Create a path for personal development
    Duration: 1 day course

    The best adult learning experience

    The best adult learning experience


    PD Training is dedicated to immersive and inspirational learning experiences for busy adults. We believe courseware should keep pace with changes in workplaces and technology.

    So we have written our very own Signature Series that incorporates best practice in modern learner engagement, and continually improves based on trainer feedback, participant feedback and innovations in best practice.

    Welcome to the best adult learning experience in the industry, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.


    Supervision Training Course Reviews:

    FCAWA logo
    I really appreciated that the trainer Emma was able to flexible in her delivery and cater for the needs of the group and not necessarily sticking to the course format but able to link the current discussions back to the course content and tie it together, Well Done.

    -Financial Counsellors Association of Western Australia Inc.

    Thermal Mark Transport Refrigeration logo
    Thank you to Anne and PD Training for providing us with "Supervising Others" training. Our Service Manager found the course to be very useful and helpful. He is very motivated and keen to put his new found knowledge into practice. Anne's training style was engaging and she adapted the course to our working environment quite well. PD Training will be our first point of call for future staff development training.

    -Thermal Mark Transport Refrigeration Pty Ltd

    Connexa logo
    I was very impressed with all aspects of the course provided. The Company PD Training were the perfect partner for us to deliver the training that was required. The trainer Julie was a pleasure to work with, and her approach / method of delivery was a breath of fresh air. Too many Training companies deliver straight from the book. However, Julie used her own extensive knowledge of the subject and tailored the course in her own way to suit the students. I was very impressed and will definitely look forward to working with PD Training again in the future. My team all expressed how pleased they were in regards to the course content and new ideas and approaches the course had made them think about implementing at work. Thank you Julie, and thank you PD Training.


    Nowra Chemical Manufacturers logo
    Trainer was very engaging and facilitated conversation and group discussions. content was exactly what we were looking for. Well done and thanks for a great day.

    -Nowra Chemical Manufacturers

    Johnson Health Tech logo
    I found my trainer Karen absolutely fantastic. She was a captivating presenter with interesting content. I left the course feeling confident and well informed. I would gladly do another course with your company in the future.

    -Johnson Health Tech Australia

    Community Mutual logo
    I found the course was filled with lots of useful information and tips and ideas on how to handle certain situations. The trainer was friendly and answered all my questions.

    -Community Mutual Ltd

    Life Without Barriers logo
    The training was fantastic! Derrick was engaging from start to finish, and challenged our knowledge and understanding.

    -Life Without Barriers

    Perth Airport logo
    Very informative and relevant to the job we do.

    -Perth Airport

    Allpro Electrical logo
    It was a great learning experience and very comfortable environment. Teacher had our attention from the start to the end.

    -Allpro Electrical Services

    Grampians Community Health logo
    It was a fantastic course, very informative and interesting, with a good facilitator.

    -Grampians Community Health

    GHorizons Family Services logo
    I felt incredibly valued in the training; Kim I felt you made a genuine effort to understand my role, industry & current challenges. I was amazed how you tailored the leanings of the day for each of us as individuals. I took away heaps - Thank you!

    -Horizons Family Services

    Honda MPE logo
    Great course. Highly recommended!

    -Honda MPE

    More happy clients

  • Course Outline - Supervision Training Course

    Download Supervision Training Course Outline


    Being a good supervisor in Singapore is determined by how well your employees perform their duties and responsibilities. Your job scope involves setting clear goals and expectations, coaching and motivating your team, ensuring that your employees’ work gets done correctly and in a timely manner, resolving conflicts, controlling costs, making sure that the group is working as a team and satisfying upper management. In order to meet those expectations and perform your supervisory work effectively, you can enhance yours skills by enrolling in a Supervision training course. So, get your skills up-to-date now!

    All too often great team members are promoted to a supervisory role without consideration that supervising is a completely different skill set to that which made them stand out as part of the team. One of the hardest moves to accomplish is the transition from being a team member to that of a team leader or supervisor. Someone in a supervisory role is no longer on equal terms with their peers and has to earn their respect, show authority and leadership and often have to make unpopular decisions.

    This Supervising Others Training Program will help supervisors become more efficient and proficient at delegating, managing time, setting goals and expectations (for themselves and others), providing feedback, and resolving conflict. People in supervisory roles will improve their skills, confidence and general management abilities.This supervision training will benefit new supervisors and anyone who wants to improve their skills in supervising others; ensuring productivity and team cohesion.

    This supervision course in Singapore covers the important requirements of being a supervisor. Through exercises, case studies, practical examples and clear guidelines, you will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve results through the effective supervision of your staff.

    Supervision Training Course - Lesson 1
    You as the Supervisor
    • Competencies of a Winning Supervisor
    • What to Do If You’ve Been Promoted from within the Team
    • Reflection
    Supervision Training Course - Lesson 2
    Communicating to your Team
    • LDP Review – Communication Evolution Tool
    • Adjusting your style for a better approach
    • Reflection
    Supervision Training Course - Lesson 3
    Set the Expectations
    • Vision
    • How Does Your Team Fit into the Bigger Picture
    • Define the Requirements
    • Set the Expectations with SMART’ER Goals
    • The SMART’ER Way
    • Reflection
    Supervision Training Course - Lesson 4
    Successful Delegation
    • 10 Rules for Successful Delegation
    • Degrees of Delegation
    • Troubleshooting Delegation
    • Reflection
    Supervision Training Course - Lesson 5
    Art of Feedback
    • Types of Feedback
    • 3 Stages to Receiving Feedback
    • 5 Top Tips to prepare yourself to provide feedback
    • Feedback Delivery Tools
    • Difficult Feedback
    • Seeking Feedback
    Supervision Training Course - Lesson 6
    Managing your Time
    • The 80/20 Rule
    • Prioritising with the Urgent-Important Matrix
    • Block Out times around your Energy Cycle
    Supervision Training Course - Lesson 7
    Managing Conflict
    • Tuckman and Jensen four phase model
    • Team Development Stages
    • Using a Conflict Resolution Process
    • Alternate techniques
    • Maintaining Fairness
    • Seeking Help from Within the Team
    • Seeking Help from Outside the Team
    Supervision Training Course - Lesson 8
    • Create an Action Plan
    • Accountability = Action

  • In-House Training

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    In-House training benefits:

    • Flexible length - sessions as short as 1-hour
    • Cost effective - great group pricing
    • Greatest impact in the shortest time
    • Excellent Team Building Opportunity
    • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
    • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)

    Delivery Options for In-house training
    1-hour Motivator
    one hour motivator
    3-hour Power Sessions
    3 hour power session
    Full-day training
    full day training

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    Activities and discussion

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    On average PDT trainers have 15 years industry experience 7 years training experience.

    Tailored training

    Focussed on you

    We always tailor activities and scenarios to be relevant to you.

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    In-House and Public Class participants are welcome to join a public class in the same topic for 12 months.

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