Conflict Resolution Training Course

Conflict Resolution is a key skill for business professionals, especially in highly diversified organizations with multi-cultural staff, where conflicting attitudes towards work ethics, social beliefs and expectations can vary widely.

By attending this Conflict Resolution training course from PD Training, you will learn how to stabilize your professional relationships. The course presents techniques like how to to identify the source of conflict, how to remove emotions from the situation, coping with stress and anger management, how to professionally manage and resolve conflict quickly and much more.

This Conflict Resolution training course can be delivered at your premises anywhere in Singapore by one of our expert local or international trainers.

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Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
Public Class
  • Learning Outcomes - Conflict Resolution Training Course

    In this course participants will:

    • Gain a thorough understanding of the sources, causes and types of conflict
    • Master all six phases of the conflict resolution process
    • Understand the five main approaches to conflict resolution
    • Learn to apply conflict resolution approaches 
    • Learn how to use parts of the conflict resolution process to recognize and prevent conflict before it escalates
    • Develop communication tools such as agreement frames and open questions
    • Learn practical anger and stress management techniques
    Duration: 1 day course


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  • Course Outline - Conflict Resolution Training Course

    Download Conflict Resolution Training Course Outline


    Conflict is a normal and inevitable element in any working relationship. Conflict usually occurs due to differences in opinions and can arise whenever individuals have conflicting ideas, principles, values or desires. Learning how to manage conflict is necessary for any organization. When conflict is mishandled, it can have a negative impact on relationships, moral, teamwork and can lead to a decrease in productivity. But when managed in a professional, constructive way, conflict brings an opportunity to improve the link between individuals.

    Conflict is the result of people having differing needs, opinions, expectations and importantly different perspectives. The reality of conflict is that in any human relationship it is inevitable, but if handled well, conflict provides a powerful avenue for significant growth. 

    This Conflict Resolution Training Course provides techniques for individuals in an organization to resolve workplace conflict and build a common understanding and framework for working through challenging conflict situations. We have, after much research, decided to focus on the Win-Win Approach using the three critical skills of conflict resolution – Negotiation, Assertiveness and Persuasion. These skills will enable participants to develop conflict resolution strategies for quickly and effectively recognizing, resolving and preventing conflict.

    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 1
    An Introduction to Conflict Resolution
    • What is Conflict?
    • What is Conflict Resolution?
    • Understanding the Conflict Resolution Process
    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 2
    Conflict Resolution with the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument
    • Collaborating
    • Competing
    • Compromising
    • Accommodating
    • Avoiding
    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 3
    Creating an Effective Atmosphere
    • Neutralizing Emotions
    • Setting Ground Rules
    • Choosing the Time and Place
    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 4
    Creating Mutual Understanding
    • What do I Want?
    • What do They Want?
    • What do We Want?
    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 5
    Focusing on Individual Needs
    • Finding Common Ground
    • Building Positive Energy and Goodwill
    • Strengthening your Partnership
    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 6
    Getting to the Root Cause
    • Examining Root Cause
    • Creating a Cause and Effect Diagram
    • The Importance of Forgiveness
    • Identifying the Benefits of Resolution
    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 7
    Generating Options
    • Generate, don't Evaluate
    • Creating Mutual Gain Options and Multiple Option Solutions
    • Digging Deeper into your Options
    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 8
    Building a Solution
    • Creating Criteria
    • Creating a Shortlist
    • Choosing a Solution
    • Building a Plan
    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 9
    The Short Version of the Process
    • Evaluating the Situation
    • Choosing your Steps
    • Creating an Action Plan
    • Using Individual Process Steps
    Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 10
    Additional Tools
    • Stress and Anger Management Techniques
    • The Agreement Frame
    • Asking Open Questions

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    • Time: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Small classes, average 5 people, max 16
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Conflict Resolution Training Course Reviews:

Course was relevant and delivered in a format that allowed all to contribute and relate.
Goldenwest Apprenticeships
I have been delighted with pd training with the construct and delivery of this course. pd training has assisted me every step of the way, with constructing an outline, preparing the team and building enthusiasm and with the most important follow-up after the course to keep motivation high. I am a raving fan and have been singing pd training's praises to other managers that I network with.
Anne was a great facilitator and handled the group very well. She was aware of the issues that we had and presented the course material in a very careful and structured manner. She was very observant of the reactions of the group. We will definitely ask for Anne at the next workshop.
The trainer was very attentive to all participants needs and wants. Also, very inclusive of all who participated. The training flowed constructively and the content very relevant to work conducted by our agency.
Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations
Was really pleased to see the effort put into tailoring the course for a group of St John Ambulance personnel. The use of relevant examples certainly captivated the group and enabled them to interact without trying to work out the links between what the presenter said and what they know and understand of their job and its role.
St John Ambulance
Mike does a great job of engaging the whole team. Very enlightening and took plenty away with me to work with.
Anne was a great trainer and customised the course to our needs, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it. I would also attend other courses where Anne is the trainer.
I have been a training facilitator for many years and Annes energy and enthusiasm was inspiring and I honestly have to say, she is the best trainer I have experienced.
The view of conflict and the change in ones perception of conflict was useful in every day life. Well presented.
Integrated Chemical and Environmental Systems PL
I enjoyed the energy and professionalism with which that the topic was delivered. I learned a lot about me and my customers. And above all else time just went by. Thank you Kliment.
The Malthouse
This course put it all together for me - I now have the tools, the methodology and therefore the confidence to proactively assist my organization in this area. Thank you to Ross, who really gives so much of himself in his presentations.
Calvary Health Care
The trainer gave lots of tips on how to handle stress and emotions. She was also very knowledgeable about her subject and used the real situations of participants to show how theories could be applied to any situation being it corporate or on a lower level dealing with person to person situations. he course was most beneficial.
Swinburne University
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