Leadership Training Course - 2-days

A good leader will have a positive effect on the attitude, behavior and productivity of those they lead. A great leader must be able to switch between the various types of leadership styles to inspire and engage others, set precise goals and be an inspirational role model.

The PD Training 2-day Leadership Training course provides those in leadership positions with the insight, awareness and techniques to lead more effectively.  Learn crucial skills like creating and communicating a vision, using appropriate body language, giving formal and informal feedback, the art of persuasion, creative problem solving and decision making, encouraging personal and professional growth and much more.

This Leadership training course can be delivered at your premises anywhere in Singapore by one of our expert local or international trainers.

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Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
Public Class
  • Learning Outcomes - Leadership Training Course - 2-days

    Leadership Training - Day 1

    • Be a leader with a vision, not just a manager
    • Look beyond the leadership stereotypes
    • Understand Situational Leadership
    • Influence with passion and empower others to act
    • Increase the performance of your team by setting objectives, expectations and goals


    Leadership Training - Day 2

    • Communicate with confidence and clarity so you are always understood
    • Use creative problem solving & decision making methods
    • Improve your influence by developing listening and questioning skills
    • Give feedback to inspire greater performance with engagement and buy in
    • Identify and manage conflict within the team
    • Lead and motivate your team in a changing environment
    Duration: 2 day course


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    Leadership Training Course - 2-days testimonials

    "I'm extremely pleased with the professionalism of your trainer, Paul. I had gained valuable insights and learning through out those two days of training."

    Yahoo SG

  • Course Outline - Leadership Training Course - 2-days

    Download Leadership Training Course - 2-days Outline


    The PD Training Leadership Development Training Program has been highly praised by our business clients as effective leaders are now seen as evolving into their positions rather than being born into them. Great leaders have been traditionally viewed as “mythological creatures”, separate from the rest of humanity and empowered by some mysterious quality that guides them on their path towards inevitable success.

    However, the modern view is that through patience, persistence and hard work, anyone can become a highly effective leader. The responsibility is on us to believe and make it happen. That is the reason why Executive Leadership Development is so highly sought after by most successful companies.

    Leadership development comes from within us, in the sense that deeply held values and principles provide the road map for the way we lead and therefore the way other people respond to our leadership. Hence it is important that a Leader must first understand one’s own value systems before communicating those values to others. This is an integral part of our management training program as it is of critical importance to have true self-awareness before you can lead and manage others.

    The primary role of a leader also requires a thorough understanding of the team’s needs, aspirations and concerns, so it is important to have excellent listening and facilitation skills as well as highly developed abilities to coach and mentor.

    This Leadership and Influencing Skills Training Program will teach you that effective leadership starts with a thorough understanding of oneself, which then allows you to support and lead others towards stated organisational goals.

    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 1
    Getting Started
    • Workshop Objectives
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 2
    LDP - Communication Styles
    • Communication Styles
    • Step One: Identifying your Style
    • Activity: Increase your awareness and adaptability
    • Step Two: Adapt your approach
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 3
    Leadership Defined
    • The Definition of Leadership
    • Leadership Characteristics 
    • Leadership Concepts
    • A Brief History
    • 3 Common Leadership Theories 
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 4
    Approaching Leadership Concepts
    • Which Style Fits Best?
    • Evolving Your Approach
    • 10 Proven Leadership Concepts
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 5
    The Situational Leader
    • The Situational Leader: Conversations
    • The Situational Leader: Coaching
    • The Situational Leader: Involvement
    • The Situational Leader: Delegation
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 6
    Your Individual Inventory
    • Kouzes and Posner Theories
    • Your Individual Inventory
    • Planning for Success
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 7
    Being the Example
    • Your Individual Role
    • Role Modelling to Inspire
    • Affecting the Actions of Others
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 8
    Sharing Inspirational Visions
    • Documenting Your Vision
    • Sharing Your Vision
    • Understanding the Impact
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 9
    Be an Inspirational Innovator
    • Thinking Outside the Square
    • Finding Internal Innovation Skills
    • Continuously Improving
    • Champion Change Management
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 10
    Creating Successful Teams
    • What Makes a Cohesive Team?
    • Tuckman and Jensen’s Four-Phase Theory
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 11
    Teamwork and Collaboration
    • Required Activities to Incorporate
    • Non-Productive Activities
    • Activities Worth Consideration
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 12
    Empowering Others to Take Action
    • Fostering Continuous Improvement
    • Building Respect and Trust
    • Trust is a Key Component
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 13
    Becoming an Empowered Leader
    • Assertiveness Required
    • Conflict Resolution Planning
    • Getting "Buy In"
    • Make a Decision
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 14
    Encouragement Tips
    • Rewarding the Team
    • Celebrate Achievements
    • Encouraging Long-Term Reward Systems
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 15
    The Art of Influencing Others
    • Persuasion is an Art
    • Influence Explained
    • Having a Real Effect on Others
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 16
    Communicate with Words
    • Active Listening Skills
    • Powerful Questioning Techniques
    • Communication with Intention
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 17
    Communicate with Body Language
    • Body Language Explained
    • What is Your Body Saying?
    • Learn Best Practice Articulation
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 18
    Being a Coach and Mentor
    • What is Coach?
    • What is Mentor?
    • The G.R.O.W. Model Explained
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 19
    Giving Constructive Feedback
    • What is a Feedback Sandwich?
    • Delivering Constructive Assessments
    • Managing Toward Positive Change
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 20
    Goal Setting for Success
    • Goals in the GROW Model
    • Where Should the Goals be Focused?
    • SMART Goals Explained
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 21
    Creating Strategies for Success
    • List Your Targets
    • Four Perspectives to Consider
    • Choosing the Best Perspective
    • Setting Goal Milestones
    • Set a Strategic Plan
    • Supporting Elements
    Leadership Training Course - 2-days - Lesson 22
    Wrapping Up
    • Words from the Wise
    • Completion of Action Plans

  • In-House Training

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    In-House training benefits:

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    • great team building opportunity
    • more convenient, people don't need to go off-site
    • World's leading reinforcement system

    Delivery Options for In-house training
    1-hour Motivator
    one hour motivator

    These 60-90 minute sessions are highly motivating and thought provoking

    3-hour Power Sessions
    3 hour power session

    3-hour power sessions are targeted and flexible around your operational needs.

    Full-day training
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    Managers prefer PD Training because:
    • They see immediate impact back at work

      The course is tailored to their goals - and the needs of the participants. The trainer consults with the manager before each class, and tailors the course based on the goals of the manager AND the participants.

    • Great feedback!
      They get great feedback, and their staff get skills they can use right away

      The training is full of activities to make the day fun, and reinforce the concepts. People learn more and give great feedback.

    • A fresh and effective training experience

      Orgmenta experience is not only 'cool' it is a richer learning experience. Orgmenta gives training initiatives 'a buzz' and achieves better outcomes.
      We use tablets in class - BYOD or we can provide them at 50% off recommended retail price.

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    • Reinforcement

      The training tends to 'stick' because of the wide variety of reinforcement and support options available on-demand through PC's and mobile devices.

    • Training Management App

      Costing, planning, administering and reporting on training is easier and faster than ever before. The Training Management Centre takes training administration to the cloud, and improves reporting and transparency like never before. Accessible from Windows, iOS and Android devices.

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    • Time: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Small classes, average 5 people, max 16
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    During class: Lot's of activities, and comprehensive training materials.

    After class: Receive a industry-leading reinforcement and support that you can access from our App or online via the website.

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    Participants prefer PD Training because:

    • The course is more tailored to their needs

      Each person tells the trainer about their learning needs before class - so they get more out of the day.

    • The training is full of activities to make the day fun, and reinforce the concepts

      We deliver tailored experiential training.

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    • Richer Learning experience the simple technology used in class adds a new interactive dimension to the experience

      Orgmenta has limitless opportunities for additional interactivity, activities and rich media content.

    • Reinforcement and support to implement lessons from class the way THEY like it

      The support and reinforcement is world class and empowers people to apply what they learnt for real and lasting change.

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Leadership Training Course - 2-days Reviews:

It was a small group which meant that there was the opportunity for more input from all participants and it also meant the we formed a good rapport with each other. I would strongly recommend this course to others.
Christadelphian Homes Ltd
The trainer is very knowledgeable and experienced. She always make suggestion or refer to possible scenario and real life example to better understand the theories that had been presented. She encourage and help students to develop confidence and reinforce the skill set that just learned with activities. It was a excellent environment with the group participating and sharing their experience. Student manual content is simple and easy to understand. Some colour content and graphical presentation may improve reading interest. Great job and keep up the work.
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