Negotiation Training Course

This Negotiation Skills training course addresses all three requirements by providing practical negotiation techniques applicable in various situations. To gain proficiency in negotiation requires practice, so the course provides you with tips for competent pre-negotiation planning, and working in pairs or small teams to prepare for situations that require negotiation.

In this Negotiation Skills training course from PD Training, you will learn theories and obtain the opportunity to apply them to different scenarios. This is training tailored for you!

This Negotiation training course can be delivered at your premises anywhere in Singapore by one of our expert local or international trainers.

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Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
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  • Learning Outcomes - Negotiation Training Course

    By the end of this training session, participants will be able to:

    • Explain the basic types of negotiations
    • Learn the phases of negotiations & gain the skills necessary for successfully negotiating
    • Apply basic negotiating concepts (WATNA, BATNA, WAP & ZOPA)
    • Lay the groundwork for negotiation
    • Identify what information to share & what information to keep to your self
    • Master basic bargaining techniques
    • Apply strategies for identifying mutual gain
    • Demonstrate how to reach a consensus & set the terms of agreement
    • Deal with personal attacks & other difficult issues
    • Apply the negotiating process to solve everyday problems
    • Negotiate on behalf of someone else
    Duration: 1 day course


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  • Course Outline - Negotiation Training Course

    Download Negotiation Training Course Outline


    Negotiation is required everyday when communicating within any business or organization. You negotiate constantly – with colleagues, employees, clients and business partners. Did you know that successful negotiation involves self-awareness, preparation and putting into practice these elements?

    Gain the confidence you need to resolve a point of difference, or the advantage in the outcome of a discussion, produce an agreement upon courses of action, or bargain for individual or collective advantage. Negotiation is a process which can lead to positive outcomes and develop relationships.

    This highly participative learner focused Negotiation Skills Training Course will arm you and your team with winning negotiation skills and tactics so you feel better prepared, more confident and have greater control in the negotiation process.

    Negotiation Training Course - Lesson 1
    The Who, When And How Of Negotiation
    • What we mean by negotiation
    • Negotiation Styles
    • Dominant Negotiating Strategies
    • Your Personal Style
    • Reflection
    Negotiation Training Course - Lesson 2
    Preparing To Negotiate
    • Know your BATNA
    • The Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)
    • The Importance of Authority
    • Reflection
    Negotiation Training Course - Lesson 3
    Becoming A Principled Negotiator
    • Introductions
    • Separate people from the problem
    • Interests vs Positions
    • Mutual Gain – growing the pie
    • Objective criteria
    • Reflection
    Negotiation Training Course - Lesson 4
    Bargaining and Closing
    • Distributive and Integrative Bargaining
    • Negotiation Tactics
    • Making Concessions
    • Agreement Finalization
    • Reflection
    Negotiation Training Course - Lesson 5
    • Power in Negotiation
    • Integrity - The Ethics Test
    • Reflection
    Negotiation Training Course - Lesson 6
    If We Can’t Meet Can We Still Negotiate?
    • Telephone Negotiation
    • Email Negotiation
    • Reflection
    Negotiation Training Course - Lesson 7
    • Create an Action Plan
    • Accountability = Action

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    • great team building opportunity
    • more convenient, people don't need to go off-site
    • World's leading reinforcement system

    Delivery Options for In-house training
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    3-hour Power Sessions
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    Managers prefer PD Training because:
    • They see immediate impact back at work

      The course is tailored to their goals - and the needs of the participants. The trainer consults with the manager before each class, and tailors the course based on the goals of the manager AND the participants.

    • Great feedback!
      They get great feedback, and their staff get skills they can use right away

      The training is full of activities to make the day fun, and reinforce the concepts. People learn more and give great feedback.

    • A fresh and effective training experience

      Orgmenta experience is not only 'cool' it is a richer learning experience. Orgmenta gives training initiatives 'a buzz' and achieves better outcomes.
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    • Time: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Small classes, average 5 people, max 16
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    Participants prefer PD Training because:

    • The course is more tailored to their needs

      Each person tells the trainer about their learning needs before class - so they get more out of the day.

    • The training is full of activities to make the day fun, and reinforce the concepts

      We deliver tailored experiential training.

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Negotiation Training Course Reviews:

Was a lot of fun! Not just a training course but interaction was good.
The course included other ways of reading the different personalities in people and negotiating with the relevant personalities types I found most useful.
It was great that Suzanne engaged the audience all day without PowerPoint. Suzanne's delivery, knowledge communication and personality shone through and it was a pleasure to learn with such a competent, professional trainer.
Troy really knew his stuff, and made the training fun and enjoyable. I always dread these things, but I had a great time, and learnt things too!
Maccaferri Australia
Scott was a great facilitator, I have a short attention span and was expecting to drift off during an all day session, however Scott's style and enthusiasm kept me engaged the whole day!
Trainer was fantastic. The use of no PowerPoint was fantastic!
Australian Sports Commission
Andrew was a great, knowledgeable presenter and the course highlighted to me some of the strategies I can implement in the future, instead of avoiding the conversations! Really enjoyed the course. Thank you.
Australian Sports Commission
I thought the fact that we didn't have to refer to PowerPoint slides was a huge benefit! This was able to engage us in discussion throughout the day. The trainer (Andrew) did a fantastic job of facilitating the session.
Australian Sports Commission
This was one of the most engaging development sessions I've attended in some time. Thank you for providing a relevant, useful and engaging day.
Coal Services Pty Ltd
Overall, the course material and presentation was really excellent and very useful. I am really keen to use the information I learnt when communicating with my customer.
Cisco Systems Australia Pty Limited
It was great to relate the course content with latest physiological research.
Cisco Systems Australia Pty Limited
Anne was very good and had excellent knowledge on content and real life examples. Would recommend this course for most employees.
Queensland Rail
Most useful part was the interactive nature of the course along with some great pieces of information that I will use.
Queensland Rail
The course was delivered in passionate manner. The facilitator Ann, made the course enjoyable and interactive, one of the better courses that I have attended.
Queensland Rail
I really enjoyed the trainer and atmosphere in which the learning environment was so open and friendly. Thank you for the consideration for my personal needs. Definitely will recommend and hope to attend more courses in the future.
Meales Concrete Pumping
The trainer (Jack) was an excellent teacher who made the course relevant to our needs. I also liked how we would use challenging questions to help us really think about certain situations and how these skills can be useful for us.
Gen-I (AAPT)
It was a really great day, cannot speak highly enough of the trainer and her energy/enthusiasm. It made what could have been very dry subject matter a lot more interesting.
The Sound Alliance
Anne was a fantastic trainer. The training course was small and interactive. A great training course.
Freshcare Ltd
Great course, trainer made the course. Very interesting and informative. There will be a number of others from my work who will also book for January 2013.
Wridgways Relocation Services
Good training session. I took away a lot.
Advantage Retail Management Pty Ltd T/as Lease1
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