Legal Notices

In-House Training Terms & Conditions

Our Commitment to you:

Professional and Organised

PD Training will provide a suitably skilled and knowledgeable trainer to deliver the training required by your organisation.

The trainer will arrive at the delivery venue with sufficient time to be organised and prepared to deliver the course in a professional, confident and organised manner.

The trainer will deliver the course professionally and show tolerance, patience and consideration to all participants before during and after the course.

The trainer will confirm expectations and plan the provision of all resources required to meet those expectations.

Confirmation of Satisfaction

Depending on the nature of the course we will use different methods, however at the conclusion of every delivery, the participants, management or both will be asked to provide a post course evaluation/confirmation of satisfaction.
Delivered as promised - or your money back
We will always deliver the course as promised, and meet or exceed your expectations, or we will refund your money.

Privacy and Confidentiality

PD Training respects all clients privacy and treats all information provided as confidential. At no time will PD Training pass on information provided to a third party unless otherwise agreed prior by the client or required by law.

Your part of the deal:

Planning and Organisation:

We will endeavor to ensure the event runs smoothly, but please assist us by clearly explaining your expectations, and help plan any resources required.

For example, if a PowerPoint presentation is required, does the facility have a PC and Projector? If not, can they be provided? Or does the trainer need to bring one or both devices? If the trainer is bringing both devices, will there be a suitable wall or projector screen to display the presentation? Are there sufficient power plugs, extension leads etc.

Trainers normally require at least 30 minutes to set up the room, will there be any issues accessing the room?

Where is the best parking?

Payment and Course Confirmation

Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of written confirmation from client.

Payment is made via Stripe:

Name: Professional Development Training PTE. LTD.
Reg No: 201429498
Branch Code: 689
Account Number: 689096162001


In the event of a cancellation a full refund/or credit adjustment will be receivable to the client ONLY if cancellation is made more than 10 working days (more than 2-weeks) prior to the agreed date.
Invoices for courses cancelled within 2 weeks of the delivery date, will still be payable.
Where cancellation is between 6-10 business days (between 1 and 2 weeks) prior to the course delivery date a 50% refund will be offered to the client.
Where cancellation is 5 days (1 week) prior to the course delivery date the full payment will be due/forfeited.

Where customisation of training materials works has begun the customisation invoice will still be payable even if cancellation of program or course is made outside of the 2-weeks cancellation policy.


In the event of rescheduling less than 2-weeks prior to the agreed delivery date, will issue and invoice for a reschedule fee of up to 50% of the original booking fee.


Clients are requested not to approach or accept any offer by any trainer provided by to make bookings directly with the trainer.
In other words all bookings and payments made for any courses delivered or services provided by a trainer that was introduced to the client via must be made via - not to the trainer directly or any other entity with which the trainer may be associated.

Custom and Bespoke Program Creation Terms & Conditions

PD Training will work with you to create a program that is specifically created for the outcomes you wish to achieve. All Custom and Bespoke programs could involve one or more of the following skillsets: Instructional Designer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Subject Matter Expert and trainer. Custom and Bespoke programs are fully chargeable at time of creation. As soon as you approve the created outline and instructional design takes place then your custom project is invoiceable.

If the scope of your project changes and the Custom bespoke program is no longer required the invoice for the custom work will still be chargeable. The training delivery Terms and Conditions will follow the guidelines as set out above.

Terms and Conditions for Public Class bookings at PD Training

Course registration

Upon enrolment in a course, participants will receive a Registration notification. The registration confirms that their interest in this course has been registered, and that they have a seat reserved for that class.

After registration, before confirmation students are free to cancel their enrolment by calling 3158 3955 or emailing [email protected]. During this period PD Training may reschedule dates as the need arises.

Course confirmation and payment

2 weeks from your course scheduled date your enrolment on the class will be confirmed, invoice sent and credit cards payments processed.

After course confirmation PD Training guarantees delivery of the course as scheduled.

Late Cancellation, No-show and Fully Transferable enrolment

If a participant fails to show for the class in which they are confirmed/invoiced, they will be able to re-schedule their enrolment to an alternative class, however no refund will be available and the invoice is still payable.

If a participant wants to change their mind after confirmation/invoice sent, their enrolment will be fully transferrable (for them or any friend/colleague) to any other class run by PD Training anywhere in Singapore. No refunds are available and the invoice is still payable.

We look forward to providing every participant with a fun and rewarding learning experience.

Thank you for choosing PD Training.

Room Hire Terms & Conditions

If room hire is cancelled 10 business days or more prior to the scheduled date no penalty is applied.

The full room hire rate will be charged and payable if the room hire cancellation is less than 10 business days prior to the scheduled date.

Prepayment Terms and Conditions

Prepaid training purchased must be consumed within 12 months of purchase.

No refunds for credit remaining after 12month period or change of mind.

Privacy Policy

The National Privacy Principles established by the Privacy Act 1988 applies to Professional Development Training Pty Ltd as trustee for PDT Unit Trust.

The information that we collect and hold usually falls into three categories:

1. Course Participants

Information submitted and/or obtained at time of registration for training by or on behalf of course participant for training courses and any other source in connection with the provision of training courses.

2. Contract Trainers

Information submitted and/or obtained by a contract trainer on behalf of PD Training for delivery of training courses and or professional services.

3. Website

Information submitted and/or obtained via our; Group Instant Online Quote, Public Schedule Enrolment Form or Quick Enquiry.

Information obtained may be:

  • Business Name, Full Name, Email Address, Telephone Number, Address Details

This information will only be used for the purpose for which you provided it. We will at your request, provide you with access to any information for which we have collected about you through contact or through our website in accordance with the Information Privacy Principle 6, Privacy Act 1988.

If you no longer wish to receive email from PD Training, please respond to the email with an unsubscribe request.

If you wish to access this information please email [email protected] or phone 3158 3955 and we will endeavour to action your request immediately.