Business Writing Essentials for the Modern Workplace

­­­When creating written communications in the workplace, it is essential that the details of the communication be correct, while the basic layout of the document is appropriate, and the ideas or information is presented logically and effectively.

The PD Training Business Writing Essentials for the Modern Workplace course teaches participants how to assure the effectiveness of any type of business writing, whether its reports, proposals and even emails, and ensures these documents are written using the correct sentence structure, grammar and formatting.

Participants will learn key business writing skills like planning the document content, writing for the reader, various conversational styles, the use or avoidance of industry jargon and multiple types of document styling.

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Business Writing Essentials for the Modern Workplace training courses are available now throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

Business Writing Essentials for the Modern Workplace
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Your Learning Outcomes

After completing this course participants will have learned:

  • Basic Principles of Writing
  • Types of Writing
  • Proper Use of Words
  • Email Etiquette
  • Create Attractive Letters and Proposals
  • The 7 C's of Writing
  • Identify the Reader
  • Jargon, Cliche's and Modifiers
  • Understand Different Conversational Styles
Duration: 1.0 day course Live Online Experts


Business Writing Essentials for the Modern Workplace Reviews:

"Louise was a great trainer and very enthusiastic and made training enjoyable."

The Swatch Group (Australia) Pty Ltd


"I found the course met all my expectations. The trainer was awesome."

"Our trainer, Lou, was particularly good and knowledgeable. The training day was very good due to her."

Structerre Consulting Engineers


"The most helpful tip was to have a cheat sheet of commonly mis-spelt words and set up email templates."

Metcash Trading (IGA)


"Our trainer was fantastic and I would definitely recommend him for future course. I would of loved this to have been a full day course as personally I received a lot from it. Looking forward to the next course!"

AirServices Australia


"Ron was a great trainer, the session was interactive and engaging. Ron enabled us to take away new skills and apply them in a business environment."

AUB Group


"Really good training ...Instructor gave a lot of information and made it really enjoyable."

PSMA Australia


"I found the trainer to be very engaging and entertaining. The content was useful too. I hoped to do more on informal and formal language, but otherwise I will be using what I learnt in every day tasks."



"While going through the training material, our trainer helped put his own experiences and knowledge into a context which was easy to relate to and understand coherently. The small group number helped to build direction of learning to areas which needed assistance the most for each participant."

Gensuite Pacifica


"Over all I found the course excellent, thanks to Troy he made you question things that you thought you knew."

MSF Sugar


"This is one of the best course I have been to and exceeded my expectations. I have done a course with you before and this one was offered for free, I was expecting it to be average or bad and wow, I'm impressed. I will carry the tips of the learning with me forever, things that are really useful and will never be forgotten. Will be my pleasure to recommend this course at any opportunity."



"A good small group training session, we did have a good asking questions time for each models."

AgriExchange Pty. Ltd.


"Course content and session was very practical and applicable to my work."

Equity Trustees


"I absolutely love the teacher, who showed passion and knowledge at the highest level I have ever experienced."

Teachers Mutual Bank


"Trainer was awesome. She utilised break times to respond to individual queries and provided useful feedback. Course content can be made a little more challenging. Overall, it was a great course!"



"Jen was an excellent trainer and facilitator, and very responsive to our needs. Would attend training again specifically to have her as a trainer."


"Jen's enthusiasm and generosity was really fantastic. She worked really hard to make the course relevant to all the different levels and experiences of the participants. The most valuable part of the course for me was the information about writing a clear and effective email, as this is a fairly new form of communication for me. What the course delivered for me was a change in perspective about how we write in business, and a shift in focus to thinking about what the audience needs from not just the content of your writing, but the structure."

"Great trainer, very skilled!"

Diabetes Australia National Office


" The trainer was good and did her best to tailor the content to our situations and relevant roles/workplace contexts, and I liked her workshop-style training."

SS&C Solutions Pty Ltd


"The course was very informative for me, Troy deliver the content of the course with Gusto and passion, clear and desisted. There was a lot to absorber in a short time frame. Troy Tailed each section to each for us witch helped us though the day and we achieved our Golds too."

Hansen Yuncken


"The course really makes you think about what you are actually writing and well you are actually communicating the message to the reader."



"Very well set out and timed, the day had momentum with no dull moments. Interest was held for the whole day."

"The training was very engaging and helpful - made me see things clearly for best practice at work. I also met new colleagues whom I enjoyed collaborating with."

"This was one of the best one-day training courses that I have done."

"It all tied in very well, great course. Will send more of my team on this course."

Deakin University


"Very positive energy and knowledge exhibited by trainor. Created a relaxed environment and very approachable. Congratulations on such a fine delivery thoroughly enjoyed it."

Latrobe Health Services


"This was a 2 day course that was stuffed into 3 hours. The trainer, however, was excellent; he was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and was very good at facilitating learning."

Sharman from ALTC


"Very beneficial course and gained some updates in my writing that I have not done for many years along with some information I was not aware of. Thanks again to Mark and was a very informative and enjoyable morning."

Defence - Latchford Barracks


"I appreciated the trainer understood Defence has its own template documents and he spent no time but concentrated on the "Mechanics" as he called it. Spelling, grammar and various other often misunderstood and practiced skills. I found this course very helpful."



"Great teacher, great material, fun, engaging activities, very satisfied."

"I thought that the course was really helpful! It's good to get a refresher and consider how we communicate."

Evolve Research


"Course was well run and very enjoyable. Course was a good refresher and lead in to some additional training/work I have coming up."

Sedgman Limited


"The course itself was great, I was hoping for it go a little more indepth in writing structures, but a lot was covered in the time frame."

Shine Lawyers


"I was impressed with how I managed the course and that was due to the professional and knowledgeable approach and presentation. This course will enable me to improve my work skills. Thank you."

Individual Course Participant


"The trainer - Peter is very professional. The venue & food are very good as well. I really enjoyed & interested in with the Business Writing Training course. Thanks very much PD Training."

Evo Metalworks


"Pete was great! Really enjoyed my time and learnt important points that will help me with my work."

Much More Than Money Pty Ltd


"Overall the course was good."

DCCS Training


"It's great that the trainer identify and was able to respond my queries intelligently."

Shire Of Narrogin


"David Davenport was a fantastic tutor and was easy to discuss ideas with and get along. At times I felt that the content was more geared towards students who speak English as a second language based on the varied ethnicities of the students. Regardless, this made for an enriching learning environment."

TSA Management (Vic) Pty Ltd


Department of Veteran Affairs logo
Russell my "acct manager" was great, easy to work with and responsive to my needs. it was great having one contact. I also needed to call for IT support with my logon. the team there were very responsive as well. Your pricing is very competitive. We will be using PD Training again. Will talk to Russell as I may have a need for 35 students to attend a course that we may need to alter. thank you.

-Department of Veteran Affairs

Ibis World logo
Michaela was absolutely excellent and the course was quite thorough. I was also impressed that pdtraining was able to customise the course to tailor it to our company. Great work!

-Ibis World

Australand logo
Our trainer was great. She was very knowledgeable and related the material to our specific needs.


Australand logo
Gordana is an excellent trainer and our management team gave me fantastic feedback on her method and the content. Highly recommended.


Capricornia General Practice logo
I loved the workshop, it was very informative and learnt a lot from the day.

-Capricornia Division of General Practice

Capricornia General Practice logo
This course was informative and very well executed.

-Capricornia Division of General Practice

Australian Home Care logo
I have not enjoyed a course so much for a very long time. Michaela's style of instructing was great; the use of charts as opposed to the standard PowerPoint presentation was refreshing and engaging. I would attend any course in which Michaela was the presenter.

-Australian Home Care

Australian Home Care logo
The course was very good and I did feel that we were all able to make a contribution to the class.

-Australian Home Care

Australian Home Care logo
Trainer was great. I found her easy to follow and very knowledgeable.

-Australian Home Care

Australian Home Care logo
Great training, great trainer. I really enjoyed it.

-Australian Home Care

Adshel logo
Michaela was an exceptional trainer her hands on method was engaging and ensure all participants understand each topic. I have suggested this course to the wider groups in my company as I feel we all can learn/get a refresher on internal and external etiquette of writing.


Honda logo
I did gain knowledge and have already noticed improvement in my writing, only two days after attending the training.

-Honda Australia Pty Ltd

Red Cross logo
Thanks for the Business Writing Course. It was everything I expected. The venue was great and I will look into more courses with pdtraining.

-Australian Red Cross

ATPM logo
This was a fantastic day of training! Thank you to Lorna for going into all of the details and subjects that were specific to our needs.


Readify logo
The course and content was great. Really applicable to my work requirements and learning. Highly Recommended!


Cortona Resources Ltd logo
Trainer was brilliant. Tailored the course to the needs of the group. Very pleasant and enjoyable course.

-Cortona Resources Limited

CarSales logo
Michaela was an amazing trainer could not fault her at all. By far the best training course I have ever attended.


Goulburn Murray Water logo
A very user friendly system. Thanks.

-Goulburn Murray Water

Download Course Outline (PDF)

This workshop is focussed on creating well written business documents.  The course reviews the basic principles that apply to all forms of writing and provides you with a framework through which you can improve your business writing.

The motto of PD Training is to ‘Empower Improvement’. We seek to enhance people’s work life by providing you with skills that you can utilise immediately back in your workplace. The best way to identify how to utilise these newfound writing skills, is to reflect on the activities that you performed throughout your training and implement them as soon as possible in the workplace.

Course Outline for Business Writing Essentials for the Modern Workplace

See the Live Online tab for the course outline for the live online course

Topic 1
Why, Who and What of Writing
  • Welcome
  • My Writing Landscape
  • Starting with ‘Why’
  • Moving to ‘Who’
  • Ending with ‘What’
  • Reflection
Topic 2
Two bee or not to be – grammar has the answer
  • Sentences
  • To Write or to be Written
  • Pronouns
  • Verbs
  • Reflection
Topic 3
Planning what you write
  • The Seven Cs of Writing
  • Why Plan?
  • Making the Reader Care
  • Reflection
Topic 4
The First Draft
  • Conversational Style – using plain language
  • About Tone
  • Word Choice
  • Reflection
Topic 5
  • Ways to Edit
  • What to Edit
  • Other Considerations – jargon, clichés and modifiers
  • Reflection
Topic 6
One in 260 Billion
  • How to get noticed and engage the reader
  • Email Etiquette
  • Reflection
Topic 7
Other Correspondence
  • Letters
  • Proposals
  • Reflection

In-House Training - We’ll focus on what matters most to you and tailor to your context

Face-to-Face, Live Online, or Hybrid Class Tailored to Your Needs

When you want a tailored learning experience targeting exactly what you want without bringing everyone physically together, the best choice is a Live Online Class run by PDT.

We tailor the content and activities to be specific to your current needs and the needs of the people and run the course in our usual activity-based workshop style training, however, the participants can all be offsite, or some can be in the room with others offsite.

Unless you have a preferred tools we use 'Zoom for Education' that includes enhanced collaboration features such as One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation (people can work together in activity files), and digital whiteboarding, we also include things like live polls and group chats so you virtually have the same collaborative learning experience of attending a course in a room with other people.

live online & hybrid

We have delivered these 100's (if not 1000's) of times, and get great outcomes. We achieve great outcomes because we keep our learner centric approach - just because it’s delivered through a screen to some or all participants doesn’t mean it needs to be less tailored or less personalised.

You still have an expert trainer who talks to you prior to the session and tailors the delivery to use your terminology, ensure activities are relevant and directly applicable and ensures an engaging learning experience that provide people with skills and techniques they can apply the very next day.

A hybrid class is with some people connecting online, and some people physically together in the same room.

Live Online Participant Feedback:

90% Overall Trainer Rating

88% Delivery was Adapted to me Personally

75% I Would Recommend this Course to Someone Else

Face to Face Options With Everyone in the same room

1-hour Motivator
one hour motivator
3-hour Power Sessions
3 hour power session
Full-day training
full day training
At your workplace At your workplace
In our Training Rooms In our Training Rooms
 In our Online Training  Room - the HIVE In our Online Training Room

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Complete Results Dashboard

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What are people going to do differently?

At the completion of training participants are encouraged to create an action plan, and invite an accountability buddy via their Orgmenta App.

In your Training Management Centre you have transparency to the action plans so you can see what people are going to do differently.

My Action Plan
Participants encouraged to create

Want to get clear on impacts and measure success? Our system and expert consultants support you.

Our systems and people make it easy to identify how you’ll be able to measure impacts,
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Upcoming Live Online Classes

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Download Live Online Course Outline (PDF)

Course Outline for Business Writing Essentials for the Modern Workplace - Online Instructor-led 3hours

Topic 1
Why, Who and What of Writing
  • Welcome
  • My Writing Landscape
  • Starting with ‘Why’
  • Moving to ‘Who’
  • Ending with ‘What’
  • Reflection
Topic 2
Two Bee or Not to Be – Grammar Has the Answer
  • Sentences
  • To Write or to be Written
  • Pronouns
  • Verbs
  • Reflection
Topic 3
Planning What You Write
  • The Seven Cs of Writing
  • Why Plan?
  • Making the Reader Care
  • Reflection
Topic 4
The First Draft
  • Conversational Style – Using Plain Language
  • About Tone
  • Word Choice
  • Reflection


  • Small classes, average 5 people, max 16
  • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
  • Comprehensive courseware available in the App
  • Live online interactive session with an expert trainer


When you book a Public Class with PD Training you can expect:

PDT Activities and discussion

To Be Engaged All Day

Activities and discussion for engaged learning all day.

Real world trainer

An outstanding trainer

On average PDT trainers have 15 years industry experience and 7 years training experience.

Tailored training

Focussed on you

We always tailor activities and scenarios to be relevant to you.

Transfer policy

100% Transfer Policy

If an unforseen event prevents public class attendance, no problem. Transfer to new person, course, date or city.

Refresher course

Refresher Course $0

In-House and Public Class participants are welcome to join a public class in the same topic for 12 months.

Confidence of booking

Acclaimed Provider

The confidence of booking with an acclaimed multi national training company.

eLearning and video

Multi-modal Reinforcement

Support, reinforcement & extension eLearning and videos in the App.

Outstanding learning that people can do in the flow of work

  • Fresh targeted video-based microlearning content with interactive lessons and quizzes included.
  • Rigourous review process
  • Only $11.00 per course per person per year.
  • Or get the $110.00 bundle and save.
Bite Size learning that people love
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