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What is the role of a facilitator in an organization? A good facilitator is the one who plans, guides and manages a team event in order to make sure that the team’s objectives are achieved effectively, with clear thinking, full involvement and complete buy-in from every person who is concerned. A facilitator must possess excellent facilitation skills to create better, timelier decisions, promote fairness, and to manage meetings and planning sessions for timely and productive outcomes.

Hence, if you are a team leader who is accountable for guiding a team then this dynamic course is for you! This Facilitation Skills training course from PD Training teaches practical techniques to enhance your facilitation abilities, so that the team can accomplish a victorious decision, resolution or conclusion. The good thing is that this course is available now throughout Singapore.

Looking for something more advanced? Try the Advanced Facilitation Skills Training Course

This Facilitation Skills training course can be delivered at your premises by one of our expert local or international trainers or live online using our HIVE technology.

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Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes - Facilitation Skills Training Course

    After completing this course participants will be able to:

    • Define facilitation & identify its purpose
    • Understand the benefits of good facilitation
    • Master the role & focus of a facilitator
    • Differentiate between process & content of a group discussion
    • Learn effective tools for preparing for an effective facilitation session
    • Master techniques for effective facilitation from Tuckman & Jensen's stages of group development (forming, storming, norming & performing)
    • Learn how to help a group reach a consensus and a final solution, by encouraging participation
    • Practice techniques for dealing with disruptions, dysfunctions & difficult people in a group setting
    • Define what interventions are, when they are appropriate and learn how to implement them
    Duration: 1 day course

    The best adult learning experience

    The best adult learning experience


    PD Training is dedicated to immersive and inspirational learning experiences for busy adults. We believe courseware should keep pace with changes in workplaces and technology.

    So we have written our very own Signature Series that incorporates best practice in modern learner engagement, and continually improves based on trainer feedback, participant feedback and innovations in best practice.

    Welcome to the best adult learning experience in the industry, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.


    Facilitation Skills Training Course Reviews:

    Really loved Kelli's presentation style.

    Uniting Care Community

    I got a lot out of the sessions and am grateful for some of the tools that can help me in the future. Thank you very much. the course was relevant to my needs and the trainer was engaging and knowledgeable - never a dull moment and wasn't pushed into doing things or put on the spot. enjoyed the 2 day session and didn't think 'oh no I have another day of this!'

    -Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations

    Kelli was an excellent presenter/trainer- very knowledgeable and also made the training interesting and enjoyable. I learnt quite a lot through the training and felt very encouraged by Kelli, who was very helpful. I will definitely be passing on good feedback to my organisation and contacts.

    -Uniting Care Community

    Very happy with the training delivery package. Will recommend. Thank you PD. Good material that will be useful in my role.

    -Pacific National

    I enjoyed this course. I found it simple but very informative. thanks.

    -De Poi Consulting

    Very happy with the learning style, contact and interaction from the facilitator.

    -QMI Solutions

    We want more! please come back and do some more work with smaller groups.

    -QMI Solutions

    Our trainer was excellent. She tailored the day to our particular needs, and she was very flexible - allowing us extra time to discuss issues of most relevance to us. She was engaging and very adept at making people feel very comfortable talking about themselves and issues in a way that work colleagues might find difficult ordinarily. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a trainer.

    -Department of Environment and Resource Management

    Presentation of the training was to a very high standard!!! Very impressed!

    -Department of Environment and Resource Management

    Practical application in the course, scenarios and discussions were spot on. The instructor/facilitator lead by example throughout. Haven't looked at the student manual. I thought the trainer was excellent.

    -Biota Holdings

    I found the group exercises ("lost in a blizzard" and passing the ball in 2s) were very effective in illustrating the concepts of teamwork and SMART.

    -Biota Holdings

    Very helpful application ideas to help make our presentations more professional and poignant.


    An Excellent course that reinforced facilitation skills and the highly experienced trainer taught using real life relevant examples.

    -TAL – Life Insurance

    The second half of the course was exactly what I was after. My needs were a little different than the rest of the class, but our trainer, Jack, took the time to make sure all my questions were answered. It was a very powerful and fulfilling day. A five star day...!

    -Empire Aubusson Rugs

    More happy clients

  • Course Outline - Facilitation Skills Training Course

    Download Facilitation Skills Training Course Outline


    Facilitation is often referred to as the new cornerstone of management philosophy. With its focus on fairness and creating easy decision making, facilitation can make any organisation make better decisions.

    This Facilitation training course will give participants an understanding of what facilitation is all about, as well as some tools that they can use to facilitate small meetings.

    Looking for something more advanced? Try the Advanced Facilitation Skills Training Course

    Facilitation Skills Training Course - Lesson 1
    The Peaceful Warrior
    • The role and purpose of facilitating
    • The Limits of Facilitation
    • Qualities of Effective Facilitation
    • LDP Review – facilitation preferences
    • Reflection
    Facilitation Skills Training Course - Lesson 2
    Just Add People and Stir
    • The Ideal World
    • The Real World
    • Reflection
    Facilitation Skills Training Course - Lesson 3
    Trusting in the Process
    • Preparation
    • Starting Off
    • The Middle Bit
    • The End Bit
    • I never agreed to that! (keeping records)
    • Reflection
    Facilitation Skills Training Course - Lesson 4
    Making Decisions
    • Tell me again, why are we here?
    • Divergent and Convergent Thinking
    • Building Consensus and Inclusive Solutions
    • Reflection
    Facilitation Skills Training Course - Lesson 5
    Maximising Interaction
    • Exercising Control
    • Encouraging Participation
    • Dealing with Challenges
    • Reflection
    Facilitation Skills Training Course - Lesson 6
    Virtual facilitation
    • Preparation
    • Technology
    • Maintaining Engagement
    • Reflection
    Facilitation Skills Training Course - Lesson 7
    • Create an Action Plan
    • Accountability = Action
    • References

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    • Excellent Team Building Opportunity
    • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
    • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)

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    3 hour power session
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    full day training

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