Creating Team Synergy

Learning Experience

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This training course delivers outstanding learning outcomes for individuals and teams as a collective.


During this engaging learning experience people will:

Individual Learning Outcomes will be

  • 1. Learn to understand their own strengths and communication styles
  • 2. Become aware of their most common natural approaches to different workplace situations
  • 3. Develop awareness of their communication styles
  • 4. Become aware of the complementary strengths their team members bring
  • 5. Become more, accepting and appreciative of the diversity in their team
  • 6. Understand that together we are more if we play to our own strengths and those of our team members


  • 1. Recognise behavioural patterns in their teams and be able to respond rationally instead of emotionally
  • 2. Understand the key elements of high performing teams
  • 3. Recognise the importance of the leader role - and each of their own roles
  • 4. Develop a team charter/common understanding between each other
  • 5. Be able to have more open and constructive dialogue between each other
  • 6. Understand the importance of trust, and develop a greater sense of trust and understanding
  • 7. Be better prepared to establish goals and support each other to work toward them
  • 8. Be positioned to be a more synergistic high performing team


PDT and LDP about me and team members reports

About me

  • My strengths
  • My tendencies
  • How I affect others

About my team members

  • Their strengths
  • Their tendencies
  • How to understand them - not react to them
PDT and LDP about me and team members reports
Characteristics of a Team

Characteristics of a Team

  • Key elements of a high performing team
  • Team life cycles - and patterns at each stage - where are we?
  • Trust, role clarity, purpose and direction

Learning how to take a bigger picture view team members

  • How your perspectives and background creates bias
  • Develop Communication Strategies
  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence
Learning how to take a bigger picture
Our team

Our Team

  • Developing core values and purpose (Team Charter)
  • Developing Trust
  • Enabling each other to contribute most (work in our strengths)

Build on the Foundations laid

  • Keep it front of mind
  • Reinforce
  • Extend
Build on the foundations laid

Course outline:


Part I: Understanding personalities and how diversity brings better performance

  • Activity 1: Opening Activity:
  • So, you think Teamwork is easy?
  • Activity 2:
  • Formally begin the class: Welcome to the course
  • Activity 3: LDP in Two Questions
  • Activity 4: Personal Profile Review
  • Activity 5: "Thinking in Colours - Bringing Perspective to Life"
  • Debrief:
  • OK so that's thinking and doing... How about communicating?
  • Adjusting your style for a better approach:
  • Activity: In Pairs
  • OK, what does Communication Styles have to do with Tuckman's Stages of Team Development? Looking back now at the Tuckman 5 stages of team development, where are you?

Part II: I am right... Aren't I?

  • Activity 6: What makes up our lense – How we see the world?
  • Some interesting research-based discussion points:
  • The IceBerg
  • But still, I'm observant – right?
  • OK, so my eyes don't take everything in, but my ears aren't painted on!
  • Why?

  • Active Listening – Listening to understand
  • Listen – Really Listen – Using Minimal Encouragers
  • Why Use Minimal Encouragers?
  • Reflect back on arguments

Part III: High performing teams

  • Activity 7: Group Discussion: There's many elements required in a high performing team, let's list a few:

  • Activity 8: Group Discussion: Of all the attributes listed, of a high performing team, what is the most important?
  • Part IV: People Trust People
  • Activity 9: a, b or c

Part V Strengths: Work to your strengths, and contribute more!

  • Activity 10: Why is working hard and applying yourself to your weaknesses, so you can make them strengths irresponsible to you and your team? Strengths
  • Activity 11: Strengths Poker
  • Note in your journal:
  • Activity 12 Option 1:
  • Activity 12 Option 2:
  • What is a Charter?
  • Our Team Charter
  • Group Think – what is it?

  • Next Steps - take out your phones, download orgmenta:
  • Appendix 1: Developing a Team Charter
  • Appendix 2: Tips for dealing with different personality profiles
  • Appendix 3: LDP In Class 'LDP 2 Question Activity' Resources
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