Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks

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Managing complex tasks in Singapore, like projects, requires a range of time management skills.  Most important is the estimation process for costs and timings.  Most project estimations are difficult to forecast, hence the large number of projects that are delivered over-time and over-budget.

The new PD Training Signature series course, Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks, incorporates best practices from a range of professional frameworks like Agile SCRUM, to create a real-world time management training course for the real-world project manager. 

We introduce course participants to a range of modern tools including mobile apps and online counters and timers, which allow you to better leverage your time while at work.  Mobile devices can now be important tools when improved productivity is the primary goal.

Learn essential skills like how your personality type can actually impact your personal time management, multiple estimation techniques, delegation of tasks, meeting management, managing a crises situation and much more!

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Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes - Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks

    In this course you will learn to:

    • How to use your Personality Traits to improve your Time Management
    • Learn to Organize the Workspace for Efficiency
    • Making the Most of Planning Styles and Approaches
    • Estimating Time for Tasks – using PERT and Planning Poker
    • What to do if you’re not a “Planner”
    • Master the Art of Staying Focused
    • Discover How and When to Say “No”
    • Master when and how to delegate for maximum productivity
    • Gain Skills to Instill Good Habits and Eliminate Bad Ones
    • Gain insightful skills to better manage meetings
    • Manage Email
    • Handle high pressure, crisis situations with ease
    • Discover alternatives to in-person meetings
    Duration: 1 day course

    The best adult learning experience

    The best adult learning experience


    PD Training is dedicated to immersive and inspirational learning experiences for busy adults. We believe courseware should keep pace with changes in workplaces and technology.

    So we have written our very own Signature Series that incorporates best practice in modern learner engagement, and continually improves based on trainer feedback, participant feedback and innovations in best practice.

    Welcome to the best adult learning experience in the industry, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.


    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks Reviews:

    "I believe the profiling was very beneficial in encouraging all participants to look beyond themselves to enable them to gain an understanding of others and their natural tendencies. I am hopeful that having key team members attend this training together will enable us to communicate better, increasing productivity and reducing frustration within the organisation."

    Body Science International

    "Derek was very personable and knew his stuff. He had some really great ways of incorporating everyday examples into the learning. Would highly recommend this course and others to come along.''

    -Bupa Australia

    “ This is the first course I have attended that has held my attention for the whole time and I was not watching the clock. it was relevant, related to problem solving issues with in the project and a great way to learn concepts as well as demonstrate examples.

    Our trainer (Karen) was fantastic. really bought the group together and could link her experiences with us. Fantastic. Thank you Karen ”

    -Catholic Homes

    “ Our trainer was excellent. She tailored the day to our particular needs, and she was very flexible - allowing us extra time to discuss issues of most relevance to us. She was engaging and very adept at making people feel very comfortable talking about themselves and issues in a way that work colleagues might find difficult ordinarily. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a trainer.
    Presentation of the training was to a very high standard!!! Very impressed.! ”

    -Department of Environment and Resource Management

    “ Thank you Scott for your time I really came away with the drive to put into practice what was talked in the training. ”

    -Financial Ombudsman Service

    “ I had a great time and feel I have learnt a lot! I cant wait to use these techniques in the workplace! ”

    -Narellan Pools

    More happy clients


  • Course Outline - Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks

    Download Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks Outline


    This Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks course in Singapore will help you learn how to manage and maximize your time. It will also guide participants in how to use different applications and modern tools to track your time. Good time management enables you to work smarter - not harder - so you can save time, effort, energy and get more done in less time.

    This course focuses on bringing proven time management techniques into the modern world using a range of tools like mobile applications, online tools and proven methods. 

    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks - Lesson 1
    My Personality And Time Management
    • Using my awareness of personality profiles to improve time management
    • Reflection
    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks - Lesson 2
    Laying The Foundations For You And Your Team
    • 5s Counting game my scores
    • “First, 5s and get clear”
      • The 5s System
      • What is 5s?
    • 5s Terminology
      • 5s in the digital workspace
      • Why is 5s necessary
      • Benefits of undertaking 5s
    • Reflection
      • My 5S take-aways:
    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks - Lesson 3
    Keeping on Schedule
    • Planning Styles
      • Which planning style is better?
    • Planning approaches - top down or bottom up
      • Planning at work
      • Plan work and time - avoid oops,use your oppas!
    • Estimating time for tasks – using pert and planning poker
      • Project Evaluation and Review Technique (pert) (from PMBOK Project Management)
      • Planning poker (from scrum project management)
      • Why fibonacci series is used
      • Maximize the value – ritualize this process!
    • Stay ‘switched on’ and creative – use fiba
      • Ask the fiba questions
    • Planning for non-planners – “planning by questioning”
    • Reflection
    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks - Lesson 4
    Now Plan
    • The rule of deadlines – parkinson’s law
      • How to use parkinson’s law to your advantage.
    • Feeling challenged? Win with power-plays,
      • (A Variation On The Pomodoro Technique, Also Known As Time Boxing)!
      • Your Power-Play Coach Says To Remember To Include S.T.I.N.G. In Every Power-Play
    • How to deal with interruptions
      • Interruptions – take control when you can
      • Handling interruptions efficiently
    • How to say no… and be loved for it!
      • The “direct no” approach
      • Exercise: saying direct no
      • The “indirect no” approach
    • Reflection
    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks - Lesson 5
    The Art Of Delegation
    • The Art Of Delegation
    • Think laterally to be more productive
    • One person, can’t achieve much on their own
    • When to delegate
    • Delegation types
    • Delegation check List
    • To whom should you delegate?
    • Keeping control
    • The importance of full acceptance
    • When delegating, remember
    • Reflection
    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks - Lesson 6
    Managing Your Habits
    • Definition
      • Why do we develop a bad habit?
      • How to be disciplined
    • 6-Steps to eliminate A bad habit
      • How to beat the urge
    • Reflection
    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks - Lesson 7
    Meeting Management
    • Meeting Attitude: A short self-assessment
    • Deciding if A meeting is necessary
    • Using the pat approach
    • Building the agenda
      • Time:
      • Making sure the meeting was worthwhile
    • Alternatives to meetings
      • Instant Messaging
      • Teleconferencing
      • E-Mail lists and online groups
      • Collaboration applications
    • Reflection
    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks - Lesson 8
    • Email
      • Manage your emails – don’t let email manage you
      • Archiving
      • Frequency
    • Manage your inbox with flags and rules
      • Flag incoming messages for follow-up
      • Set a reminder for more important items
      • Create rules
      • Always connected:
      • Balancing perspective
      • Takeaways
    • Your own personal assistant? Yes, you can!
      • Smart phone or tablet or windows 10
      • How can they help
      • Closing the loop
    • Universal note taking apps
      • Out of reach, out of sight, out of mind? - not anymore!
    • Reflection
    Time Management for Managing Projects and Complex Tasks - Lesson 9
    • Create an action plan
    • Accountability = Action

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