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Needs Analysis
Step 2 -
Analyse Results
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Deliver Training
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Measure Impact


The Leadership Development Program prepares, and builds on the existing skills of, emerging leaders to be successful at any management level in an organisation regardless of size and industry.

The competencies developed are universally recognised as critical for effective leadership and create a solid foundation for participants for the balance of their careers.

Key Benefits:

  • Intensive leadership program with short high-impact modules that run once each month for ten months
  • Our expert trainers develop a leadership development training strategy contextualised for your leadership team
  • Develop high performance leadership teams with a high performance trainer
leadership development programme

Your Leadership Development Program feels like this:

What to expect of your trainer:

leadership development programme expert trainer
  • Seasoned & experienced leader
  • Outstanding & engaging delivery
  • Passionate about leadership
  • Inspiring, motivational & focussed style
  • Attentive to the specifics of your industry, your culture, and company values

You can keep it real with expert trainers

leadership development programme keep it real
  • Accelerated experiential learning
  • Balanced blend of practical activity & theory
  • Strong supportive collegiate culture
  • Develop "Virtual Experience" with lively discussion on key concepts and case studies

Continuous Curriculum Improvement

leadership development programme innovative courseware
  • Up-to-date contemporary materials
  • Latest in leadership development concepts & innovations
  • Continuous addition of the hottest innovative management concepts

Integrated ongoing executive coaching

leadership development programme ongoing executive coaching
  • Skills booster & collaboration sessions
  • New leaders learn from seasoned leaders
  • Evolution of a high performance leadership team

Step 1 - Needs Analysis & Pre-Work:

Discovery process:

Prior to embarking on any process of development, we take the time to understand your company through a process of discovery. Importantly, we ask what are the organisation's strategic objectives and desired outcomes for leadership development?

We engage with you with a mix of the following:

  • face to face discussions
  • in-field visits
  • information from annual reports & corporate profiles
  • other relevant collateral material
leadership development programme discovery process

Leading Style Coaching and Development Report

leading dimensions leadership style profiling

LDP allows new and seasoned leaders to identify the key factors that drive productivity and relationships.

Next-Gen Scientifically Validated Profiling Tools from PD Training

PD Training is a provider of the next generation of scientifically validated leadership style reports.

LDP plays a key role in developing and customising leadership programs that meet the needs of a diverse group emerging leaders.

Profiling Benefits

  • Understand key raw dimensions in your leaders in advance
  • Gain finely detailed insights into "Achievement Drive" and "Relational Drive"
  • Drill down into a range of key situational leadership dimensions
  • Discover strengths and weaknesses in coaching and mentoring styles
Download sample Leading Style Report

Stretching the Leader:

Much can be said in defining leadership and in describing the ideal leader. One thing is certain: leaders exercise influence.

Leadership involves both achievement and relational dimensions. The way a person integrates these into his or her approach reveals their unique leadership style.

Yet, conventional wisdom suggests there is no one-size-fits-all approach to influencing others. Rather, the most effective leaders are those who can identify the approach most needed for a given situation, and adjust their behaviour accordingly. The best leaders do this so well, others don't even notice how the leader may "stretch" his or her style to exercise the most effective influence. It is this stretching that is at the heart of most leadership development.

As leaders develop such skills, it is essential that they recognise motivational tendencies that drive their behaviour as well as the behaviour of those they seek to influence. This is where personality assessments, such as the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP), take center stage.

Step 2 - Analyse Results:

Customised Programme

Your trainer analyses all results through a customised LDP profile portal, then develops a customised leadership development program tailored to the requirements of your leadership team.

leadership development programme - customised training programme

Benefits of customisation

  • Increases relevance of training, if strengths and development opportunities are identified prior to program commencement
  • Provides focus for development planning during the program and for the follow-up coaching sessions
  • Facilitator can 'tailor' the program to target key development areas

Step 3 - Deliver Leadership Training:

A comprehensive approach to Leadership Competency Development; this program provides participants with a collaborative, supportive and fast paced learning environment covering a diverse range of leadership competencies.

Module #1


Effective in utilising the performance management process to develop staff and address performance issues, empowering others through effective delegation and ensuring goals are consistently met.


The leader that achieves outcomes; does so by setting clear goals, plans and timelines and holding those around them accountable for delivering against these. They are aware of each individual's career goals and conduct frequent development discussions. They comfortably delegate tasks and decisions and trust people to perform. This leader deals with performance issues firmly and in a timely manner.


  • goal setting with clear plans and timelines
  • identifying key deliverables
  • conducting performance reviews
  • facilitating development discussions
  • facilitating career planning discussions


  • addressing issues
  • identifying issues with minimal noise
  • dealing with an issue in a timely & firm manner
  • creating accountability


  • learn effective delegation
  • delegating decisions
  • delegate the right person for a project / task
  • trusting people to perform

Coaching & collaboration sessions

Between each module, your leaders will participate in additional skills booster sessions
about "Achiever" to embed change within your leadership team

Module #2
Change Sponsor


Understands the differences between change and transitions and is effective in developing leadership strategies for moving people through the transition process.


The leader that achieves sustainable change; does so by understanding the change and transition process and issues inherent in each and plans accordingly, acknowledging an individual's personal responses to change and supporting them through the change. They provide a clear vision for the change, instil confidence and trust in others, coordinate resources and evaluate and measure deliverables for strategic alignment.

Change &

  • understand the difference between change & transition
  • leverage strategies to support people through new processes

to change

  • understand reactions to change
  • develop productive behaviours that help people cope with and accept change

to change

  • understand resistance to change
  • develop techniques that help reduce anxiety associated with change

Coaching & collaboration sessions

Between each module, your leaders will participate in additional skills booster sessions
about "Change Sponsor" to embed change within your leadership team

Module #3
Coach & Motivator


Understands the difference between 'being' a coach and 'doing' coaching, demonstrates coaching skills and is effective in leveraging a coaching process to build capability.


The coach competency is critical to building individual's confidence and competence to perform successfully in their current role and future roles within the organisation. This competency is achieved when the leader adopts a coaching orientation, demonstrates core coaching skills and is able to leverage a coaching process to create a shift in knowledge, skills, behaviours or attitudes. The leader that is effective in motivating others has an astute insight into what drives and motivates individual performance and is able to leverage this to inspire and encourage them to exceed goals and standards.

Training Topics

  • Understanding coaching assumptions
  • Identifying coaching opportunities
  • Developing a coaching mindset and skills
  • Leveraging a coaching process
  • Understanding and applying motivational theories and tools

Coaching & collaboration sessions

Between each module, your leaders will participate in additional skills booster sessions
about "Coach & Motivator" to embed change within your leadership team

Module #4


Effective in communicating with impact, building constructive relationships and diffusing conflict effectively.


This competency is one of the most important in building effective relationships both inside and outside of an organisation. It is often the case that opinions about leaders of organisations are developed from a single conversation or interaction. This competency is achieved when the leader demonstrates a high degree of self awareness/knowledge, actively seeks feedback and adjusts their approach accordingly, is effective in building rapport and constructive relationships and uses diplomacy to defuse conflict and gain co-operation.

Training Topics

  • EI Skills
  • Introduction to personality inventory (LDP)
  • Communicating with impact
  • Conducting powerful conversations
  • Managing conflict effectively

Coaching & collaboration sessions

Between each module, your leaders will participate in additional skills booster sessions
about "Communicator" to embed change within your leadership team

Module #5


Fosters, creativity and innovation, analysis, problem solving and high quality decision making.


In today's competitive marketplace customers have come to expect innovation and continual improvement to all aspects of business. Maintaining the status quo - even if it is (or was) of a high standard is no longer enough. The innovator and thought leader needs to be able to manage the creative process and creative people, demonstrate good judgement about which suggestions will work and manage an idea to market/move it through the organisation as well as create a work environment that fosters creative thinking and supports innovation.

Training Topics

  • Defining innovation - idea generation, evaluation, development and implementation
  • Introducing key concepts and thinkers
  • Steps to making innovation work

Coaching & collaboration sessions

Between each module, your leaders will participate in additional skills booster sessions
about "Innovator" to embed change within your leadership team

Module #6
Manager as Leader


Effective in balancing managing - administering and maintaining for the short term, and leading - developing and innovating for the long term while focusing on people.

Managers do things right, leaders do the right things
- Warren Bennis


Successful leaders demonstrate a range of competencies including but not limited to

  • Personal and interpersonal skills
  • Achieving results through others by aligning people around a common goal and persuading them to achieve this goal
  • Demonstrating courage and facing up to people problems
  • Coaching and developing people to support them in realising their full potential
  • Dealing with ambiguity and managing change

Training Topics

  • Definitions of leadership
  • Global leadership challenges
  • Spectrum of thoughts on leadership types/styles
  • Concepts underpinning leadership models
  • Key leadership indicators

Coaching & collaboration sessions

Between each module, your leaders will participate in additional skills booster sessions
about "Manager as Leader" to embed change within your leadership team

Module #7
Team Developer


Understands team development stages, the challenges associated with each stage and is effective in developing leadership strategies for moving the team through the respective stages.


The Team Developer sets and communicates clear goals for the team, fosters an open, honest and trusting environment within the team, leverages individual strengths and differences and ensures relevant team processes are in place.

Training Topics

  • Defining teams
  • Exploring Types of teams and team roles
  • Understanding team development stages and leveraging strategies to support the team through each stage
  • Understanding and leveraging team success factors including clarifying and aligning goals, building trust within the team and facilitating team processes

Step 4 - Measure Impact:

leadership development programme organisational engagement index

Leaders Key Performance Indicators are often measured at an organisational level, and have a large number of environmental factors that can affect the reliability of quantitative measurement.

Indeed, many of these measures highlight the need for different situational or adaptability from leaders during different periods.

So regardless of the big picture, and the abstract nature of leadership there are a number of specific measures that can be very successfully implemented.

These are often successfully measured by assessing the climate and engagement of the workforce using tools such as the Leading Dimensions Organisational Engagement Survey and corresponding report, PD Training can enable very successful measurement of the human side of leadership effectiveness.

We also bring another range of measures to the table, such as the LD:360 Managerial Feedback survey and report, and we can further assist by selecting specific strategic goals and measures and support you in implementing an ROI assessment to Level 3 (Organisational Impact) of the Kirkpatrick methodology - based on your specific key criteria.

What is your organisational engagement index?

leadership development programme measure impact

Talk to your advisor about the ROI analysis you would like to implement, or if you would prefer to simply collect participant satisfaction at the end of each course - either way we look forward to helping ensure a resounding success.

Call to speak to your advisor today 3158 3955.