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Virtual interactive training

Team working from home? Logistically dispersed? Don’t want to pay for travel? Or just prefer to have your training delivered virtually however want to ensure it is interactive and engaging?

PD Training has been delivering Virtual Instructor led Training for 6+ years using platforms such as: Webex, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams and StarLeaf to name a few.

Our Virtual instructor led delivery means just that! You have a live instructor facilitating the learning through activities - we still live by our 80/20 rule, which is 80% interactivity and 20% theory, even when delivering virtually.

Our instructors use a range of methods to ensure engagement which are beyond your traditional Q&A and role plays. They also use features such as break out rooms, live polls, quizzes, word clouds, collaborative digital whiteboard with virtual sticky notes to name a few. What our trainers ensure is that they read their audience and maintain engagement.

When you go virtual, you have the opportunity to tap into our 100 + trainer network, most of whom have been working with PD Training over the last 10 years. At PD Training we use an algorithm that identifies your best trainer with right expertise and experience. Going virtual has opened up your pool of trainers to wider network.

Virtual interactive training
Virtual webinars

Virtual Webinars

Our Webinars are delivered in real time and are ideal for large audiences. Typically, virtual attendees are there to listen and not to interact with other attendees. The Host or presenter controls when attendees speak by managing the mute/unmute feature. The attendees are invisible to other attendees.

Webinar style delivery is most effective for short delivery time frames i.e. up to 90 minutes in duration. They are required when important information needs to be delivered one-way i.e. policies, updates, feature demonstrations, key processes, dissemination of expert knowledge.

Webinars are not designed to be interactive. If you are wanting your team to have the opportunity to interact with each other and with the facilitator then a Virtual Training session would be more suitable.

Virtual Platform Experience

Technology in the virtual delivery space is evolving rapidly. PD Training trainers have had great exposure to quite a few virtual training platforms and we consistently provide training days to demonstrate new products and techniques for the best virtual delivery.

We have had exposure to the following virtual platforms: Skype, Webex, MS Team, Star Leaf, Zoom, Go to Meetings, Adobe Connect, Webinarjam, Everwebinar, Teachable and Google Meet.

However, we are not limited to the above platforms and our trainers are happy to use another platform that your business utilises. If you and your team are not familiar with a platform, we are happy to suggest the best training platform for the outcome you are seeking.

Sometimes a third-party app can bring an extra element of engagement and fun to the session however, we don’t want them to take away from the core message and impact from the training session. They are only used if they will add value to a particular session. Your trainer may include one of the following third-party apps during your session:

Mentimeter, ideaboardz,,,, jamboard, worldclouds, pollev,,, giraffepad,

Virtual platform experience